A matter of precision

B&R Partner brings to management team a precise valuation of their business, and advises them on improvement opportunities.

Valuation and Profitability

In the current competitive and economic context, it is important for business owners to have an accurate idea of the value of their company. Our team, experienced in business valuation, analyze, determine and justify an accurate valuation of your business after a complete and deep analysis of your company and its sector of activity.


Because doing a business valuation only based on financial aspects would be quite simplistic, we include the strategic dimension, which, depending on positioning, the environment and the sector, can strongly affect this valuation. This will enable you to define and follow directions and improve your profitability. Made upstream on the decision to sell, it allows you to prepare well your business transfer or sell operation.


Being able to update it every year, this company valuation will allow leaders to be aware and grab the best moment to sell their business.

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