The fundraising process is usually long and can be particulary time-consuming. It can be engaged internally but the interest of entrusting this mission to an external company is multiple :

  1. Analysis of the company : compared to its economic context / external vision in order to present the company in its best light.

  2. Procedure and method perfect knowledge : B&R Partner entrusted is broken at the stages of the process.

  3. Expertise in Business Valuation : this value, essential to go front of investors, must be precisely defined and argued in the way to not be challenged.

  4. Development and Management constitute the core business of an entrepreneur : an entrepreneur can not take the risk of neglecting market targeted or fail with his team management when the company must be on the mountain peak.

There are several types of investors, who, depending on the needs of company but also its state of development, will not be sollicited at the same time :

  • Love money

  • Employees

  • Business-Angels

  • Individuals

  • Companies with communities of interest

  • Institutional Funds (seed funds, venture-capital, development capital)

Thus, it will be possible to need of these different partners :

  • During the creation

  • During the life of company

  • In development phase

  • In case of rollover

The benefits of a fundraising are multiple

Ability to undertake a predetermined action within a specified time

Greater financial strength (equity ratio / balance sheet total)

Controlled low-end debt (senior debt, leverage for other financing)

The lack of a personal guarantee from the contractor

Throughout the operation, we act as a conductor with all stakeholders : lawyers, chartered accountant, institutional funds, investisments funds, investment bank, and your management team. In the meanwhile, you can stay mobilized and focused on the management. We advise you and bring you a strong financial expertise, our experience, and our network.

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