Business Transfer Assistance


Anticipation of Business Transfer

The sale of a company is the result of a long personal investment of the manager. This is why it is important to well prepare the transfer of the company. B&R partner supports managers to prepare the sell to make the most of its value while respecting his sensitivity.

From a professional point of view

… the transfer of a business must be prepared to meet the following objectives :

  • Anticipate and solve situations which could deter a potential purchaser

  • Find the best tax, social and legal optimization schemes for the sale and re-use of the sale

  • Optimize executive compensation

From a personal point of view

… Manager must be able to know what is the expected benefit of this sale according to the economic environment. To do this, a pre-study of valuation of the company is necessary.


Support and advice on tax and asset impact of an acquisition or a business transfer

Business transfer

The sale of his business by an entrepreneur is one of the highlights of his professional life. Therefore, it is necessary to find an appropriate solution and in that way, entrepreneur could benefits from the best situation both on the sale of the company and for the reuse of the transfer.


If the sale was anticipated with B&R PARTNER, an optimization scheme will have already been put in place. As a first step, it will be necessary to update the valuation of the company with the latest financial data and by the way with last environment and market data.


If the sale had not been anticipated, an optimization study should be carried out to find out if it is still possible to improve the legal, tax and social implementation of the sale. In addition, the needs of managers and the impact on wealth must also be taken into account.



As a result, B&R Partner supports you to find a buyer. Our approach is structured around a well-defined methodology to improve efficiency. 


Following one or more external growths, it often appears that the group is not optimally organized.


This situation is due to several phenomena: the group was formed over a long period and / or the group has diversified its activities.


After this observation, a study must be conducted to review the group’s entities, its activities, its future and define the options for tax optimization, social and legal for the group and the leader.


100 days post acquisition support

Post-transfer support enables the actual activities to be tracked over time with business plan forecasts.


This comparison by reporting or dashboard makes it possible to highlight the significant points of the company and master the best management of this new acquisition. Strengths are to be retained and areas for improvement are monitored to correct the situation.


Cash is an essential resource for the company both for its investments and its operation. Corrections must be made as quickly as possible.

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