Business valuation

Experts in business valuation, we intervene in assignments that enable us to determine a reasonable entry-point into negotiations in acquisition or sale projects, value a start-up as part of an equity transaction with the entry of investors, but also provide direction and areas for improvement in order to enhance the value of the company.

Our team is prepared to analyse, evaluate and justify a valuation, providing you with a complete diagnosis of  your company and its sector of activity.

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A strategic approach

Valuing your company on the basis of simple financial documents would be insufficient, so we integrate a strategic dimension which, depending on the positioning, the environment and the sector of activity, can impact company valuation.

This diagnosis provides you with areas to improve the value of the company and should enable you to make a quick decision in the context of an acquisition, transfer or funding.

This business valuation can be updated every year and used as a tool for directing your objectives.

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