For entrepreneurs

Our added value

  • An excellent knowlegde about the different actors of the sector on which we intervene,
  • A thorough preparation of the operation, a technical and operational mastery of the different stages,
  • The implementation of an adapted methodology and an effective research process (competition, market, environment) to select you the best proposals and options,
  • A complete coordination of the operation : from the organization to the closing,
  • A global support for the follow-up and the implementation of the operation : Financial, Strategic, Operational, Fiscal, Patrimonial and Legal,
  • A long-term commitment at the heart of our support strategy and made possible by the desire to maintain a strong, fair, and trust relationship.

High added-value

Our job is to proactively help you where you need us, with the constant goal of creating value and growing your business.

In-depth sectoral expertise

Whatever our support, we attach a high importance to repositioning your company in its market environment. We put in-depth expertise in the targetered field to understand your environment, help you define your development strategy and find the best opportunities for you.

B&R Partner, your partner

We are your consulting partner who accompanies you at all stage of your company development. Long-term commitment is at the heart of our support strategy and it is made possible by our desire to always maintain a trustful relationship with our client.

Passionate and enterprising partner

Through our experience, we are familiar with the entrepreneuship and business world, its different stages of economic life, its differents stakeholders, and their respective need and expectations. Passionate about the entrepreneurial world, our main desire is to work with you hand in hand for enabling you achieve your goals.

Open and fair approach

We believe in a fair and direct communication at all times. Integrity is essential for a strong partnership of trust and paramount in a support approach. When problems or concerns arise, we approach them immediatly and work with you to solve them quickly.

A tailor-made assistance

We adapt to each business case, whatever its specifities (business area, economic constraints). We able to adapt thanks to a developed corporate culture, a solid network, and access to an extensive and massive economic database.

Cross-cutting expertise to help you

« Origination », structuring, negotiation, financing, consulting and implementation. We are involved and responsive from the presentation of your project until the implementation of a solution. We know and anticipate the reasoning and aversions of each stakeholders. While we manage the execution of the operation, you can continue to focus on your team management.

A counseling and service culture

Intermediation and competitive bidding (for sale, fundraising, or investing) is not the end of our mission. It is a way to make you benefit from the best offer. We act confidentially and transparently with respect to our client. We manage works coordination with all stakeholders (accounting, legal, fiscal) to the company. The operation is totaly controlled externally, in total confidentiality.

Open and direct

We always work in the interest of our clients but without disguising the reality of things. We are always clear on what we think is achievable. This approach appeals to the leaders we support. They are like us : open-minded, direct, commited and ambitious.

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