Our story

Bastien and Régis co-founded B&R Partner in 2018 with the aim of bringing their 15+ years of expertise in the consulting industry, particularly in M&A operations, business valuation and financial strategy and management. ​

With almost 80 startups accompanied since 2018, the B&R Partner team leverages all of its skills and multidisciplinary know-how to help you achieve your business goals.​

The important thing for us is to create value for our clients.​

Whether it’s for company buyers or sellers, companies looking for financing, or more generally entrepreneurs and business owners that we support on a daily basis.​

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We always want to maintain a level of excellence and aspire to bring you the highest quality service.

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Each mission entrusted to us is carried out with the utmost integrity.

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Our ultimate goal is to translate your vision into reality. This is why we provide tailored support to meet your specific needs. 

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We are committed to innovation and are always seeking new solutions, approaches and methods.

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A multidisciplinary team to support you at the heart of your strategy for  growth acceleration and acheiving your goals. 

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We seek to create and maintain long-term trusting relationships.

WHY B&R Partner ?

  • Excellent knowledge of the players in the sector in which we operate.
  • Meticulous preparation as well as  technical and functional control of all he different operation stages.
  • Implementation of an adapted methodology and an efficient process of research and competition to select the best proposals and options.​
  • Complete coordination of the operation: from preperation to closing.
  • Alone or accompanied, you will always have the best advice for the implementation of the transaction: financial, strategic, operational, fiscal, patrimonial and legal.ue.
  • A long-term commitment is at the heart of our support strategy and is made possible by our desire to maintain a close and trusting relationship with you.

Our approach


May 11

A personalised approach

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Our job is to proactively help you where you need it, with the objective of creating value and developing your business. We provide personalised advice tailored to your project, to address any potential issues.
May 10

In-depth field expertise

Whatever our support, we place great emphasis on repositioning your company in its market. We provide thorough expertise in the targeted field in order to understand your environment, define your development strategy and find the best opportunities.
May 9

B&R Partner, your entrusted contact

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We support you at every stage of your development. Long-term commitment is at the heart of our support strategy and is made possible thanks to a relationship of trust that we are determined to upkeep.
May 8

Passionate and resourceful partner

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We have an in-depth knowledge of the business world, its different stages of economic life, its different actors and stakeholders, and their respective needs and expectations. Passionate about the entrepreneurial world, our main goal is to work hand in hand with you to turn your vision into reality.
May 7

An open and honest approach

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We believe in transparency and direct communication at all times. Integrity is essential to a trusting partnership and paramount in a coaching approach. If problems or concerns arise, we address them immediately and work with you to resolve them quickly.

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